Caine's Arcade 2 Film Credits

Caine's Arcade 2 films was created to share some of the inspiring events that happened since the original Caine's Arcade was posted online, and to launch the newly formed Imagination Foundation and our first Global Cardboard Challenge. The film was made collaboratively, and we wanted to thank all those involved:


Directed by Nirvan Mullick
twitter: @nirvan 

Produced by InterconnectedUprise, & Imagination Foundation

twitter: @interconnectd


Bristol Baughan, Uprise

Erin Heidenreich, Uprise

Producer: Karen Christensen, Legacy Boutique 

Editor: Aaron Ohlmann 
Assistant Editor: Jennifer Piponnian
Motion Graphics:
DPs: Marcin Nadolny, Edwin Stevens, Austin Harris
Sound Mix: Michael Feldman 
Stop-Motion & Prop Fabrication Team: Nathan Lenz, Monika Dovnar, Marc Humpert, Julia Jaye Posin, Harley Cross, Nirvan,

Music: "Feeling" by Ben Cocks via

Mimi Ito: @mizuko 
Sir Ken Robinson: @sirkenrobinson
Lisa Schaeffer:
Rob Manning 
George Monroy:
Caine Monroy:
Nirvan Mullick: @nirvan

Special Thanks to all the volunteers and folks who sent in footage from around the world!

For my dad, Shaman Mullick
May 12, 1947 - August 04, 2012

"The kids who are building and sharing their own cardboard creations can instantly see themselves as part of a real movement.” -MacArthur Foundation