What is Creative Play?

Creative Play is a simple process that helps children discover their passions, sparks their imaginations and fosters their natural powers of creativity. Through programs like the Global Cardboard Challenge, kids engage their imaginations and open up their minds to what’s possible – and then turn their ideas into something real. In this process, children learn to develop and test their own ideas, take chances, solve problems, get input from others and become better creative thinkers.

creativeplay_cycle_blue.pngAt the heart of creative play is the idea that children are naturally creative and curious. Adults can help foster this natural creativity by giving guidance, context and support; it doesn’t take much more than a little time and space. 

Creative play intersects a variety of principles and practice from educational theory, like project-based learning, constructivism and design thinking; but most importantly, it’s based on the authentic experiences of every child and recognizes the simple things adults can do to help. To learn more about the research behind creative play, please go to: www.imagination.is/research.





"The kids who are building and sharing their own cardboard creations can instantly see themselves as part of a real movement.” -MacArthur Foundation