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Cardboard Challenge Videos (2013)

The results of the 2013 Global Cardboard Challenge Video Contest are in! We received a ton of great submissions, making the task of choosing winners exciting but very difficult! We'd like to send out a special super-sized High Five to everyone who took the time to get behind a camera and share what was happening in their neck of the woods. Below are this year's video winners along with a playist of all the 2013 Cardboard Challenge videos we could find -- so that you can relive the craziness and the magic. THANK YOU to Adobe and Makedo for generously donating prizes for this year's contest. And now for the winners...though you are all champions in our book!

The 'We-Are-The-Future-Of-Movies' Award
 (Grand Prize)
The students of the Film Club of the Out-of-Doors Academy | Sarasota, Florida
For really capturing the spirit of the Global Cardboard Challenge, and showing us the power of creativity and collaboration.

The 'Just-A-Magical-Day-In-the-Neighborhood' Award (1st prize)
Melrose Elementary | Los Angeles, California

The 'How-To-Ruin-A-Good-App-And-Tell-A-Great-Story' Award (2nd prize)
Saigon South International School | Saigon, Vietnam

The 'Fun-Is-A-Universal-Language' Award (tied for 3rd prize)
La Escuela de Diseño de la Universidad Anáhuac Mayab junto al Proyecto Baktún | Ko'ox Báaxal, Mexico

The 'Best Choreography and Narration-and-We-Ruled-the-BBC' Award (tied for 3rd Prize)
Saint Savior's C of E Primary School LHoF | London, UK
(Jump to 1:30 for one of our favorite moments)

The 'Most-Likely-To-Win-An-Oscar' Award (Movie Trailer Contest Winner)
Jericho Elementary in Jericho, Vermont

The 'Showstopping-Stop-Motion' Award (Movie Trailer Contest Winner)
Ann Arbor Art Center in Ann Arbor, MI

Check out more awesome videos on our  2013 Global Cardboard Challenge Video Playlist. (Leave a nice comment to make somebody's day.) If we missed your video, please send us an email at and we'll add it to the collection :-)

Want to see what our 1st-ever Global Cardboard Challenge looked like? Check out our 2012 Global Cardboard Challenge Video winners.

If you have a video or photo set from a Global Cardboard Challenge Event not listed here, please send it to us and fill in our Organizer Survey.

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Proud to be a part of this! Congratulations to everyone and see you again next year!
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You'll love this @jenlunn and @lorimarshall4 - - It's a global movement!
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You love this @jenlunn and @lorimarshall4 - - It's a global movement!
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remember this @parmstrong? MT @nirvan Some inspiring videos from our Global #CardboardChallenge
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Some inspiring videos from our 1st Annual Global #CardboardChallenge via @cainesarcade @imagination:
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The 1st Global Cardboard Challenge brought together the young & the young at heart, inspired by .@cainesarcade! #JA
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Fixed! Thanks for the good eye, Jeffrey :)
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There’s a video mislabeled as Bushwick, Arizona. It’s actually Bushwick, Brooklyn. =)
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