1. Instill Creative Thinking as a Core Skill and Social Value
Give kids the tools to develop as creative thinkers who can take on the jobs of the future, seek innovative and resourceful solutions, tackle social issues and find happiness.

2. Give Kids Opportunities to Create and Learn Based on their Passions
Help children find and develop their passions through play, hands-on learning and supportive communities. Design scalable Project-Based Learning programs that can be used by a wide range of communities.

3. Foster a Community of Creative Makers
Develop an engaged community (local and global) of young makers, parents, storytellers and educators who can share with, learn from, and inspire one another.

4. Introduce Social Entrepreneurship at a Young Age
Show kids how their enterprising spirit can have a positive impact on their community and how they can change the world for the better.

5. Use Storytelling to Celebrate Exceptional Kids and Inspire Communities
Find, document and share amazing stories of creative kids like Caine to inspire wonder, possibility, and engagement

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"The kids who are building and sharing their own cardboard creations can instantly see themselves as part of a real movement.” -MacArthur Foundation